Ever feel like a small fish in an ocean full of sharks?

Are large rehabilitation firms moving into your territory and courting the
doctors and insurance companies with their big marketing budgets?

Are insurance companies cutting prices and demanding more from
you or refusing to let you in their networks for whatever reason?

How would you like to add your voice to over 50 other voices and
actually get a chance to be heard?

That is what Rehab Net of AR is all about.

Rehab Net benefits its members by providing many valuable resources such as:

FREE Continuing Education
Check the Calendar for Upcoming Events
Continuing Education Program Policies and Procedures

Clinical Equipment/Supply Discounts

Insurance Contracts

Regulatory Instruction

An Extensive Library of Resources to Borrow From

Quality Control Services and Troubleshooting

Employee Benefit Discounts

Networking Opportunities

Up-to-Date Information Regarding Insurance and Legal
Changes Effecting the Therapy Field

Provision of Many Administrative Documents

Collective Experience of 50+ Clinics, State-Wide

Legislative Support on a State Level, Representing
the Needs of Private Practice Clinicians

If you still aren't sure if Rehab Net is right for you, give one of our member
clinics a call.  See what they have to say about our services, and then
decide if you want to join.

Call Rehab Net of AR at 501-548-6003 for more information or
download our application today. Application fee and monthly dues are required.

You will need Acrobat Reader to view or download the application.
You can download an Acrobat Reader free at acrobat.com.


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