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Audio Tapes
PPS Section, APTA, November 4-6, 1999
A1   Coding & Reimbursement – Rhonda Meyer, Sam Brown & Lisa Marie Moran
A2   Using the Guide to Physical Therapist Practice: The Clinician in Private Practice – Andrew Cuccione
A3   Treatment for the Lower Extremity and How It Can Increase Business – Terry Malone
A4   The Trend to Onsite PT – Susan Isernhagen
A5   Administrator’s Open Forum – James Glinn
A6   Reimbursement/Coding (cont. from morning session) – Rhonda Meyer, Sam Brown & Lisa Moran
A7   Physical Therapy Clinical Care: Private Practice Opportunities for the Future – Robert DuVall
A8   Wellness Programs: The Basics for Physical Therapists – Wade Basking
A9   Strategies for Managed Care in Rehab: The New Millennium – James E. Glinn, Sr.
A10 Working with the Aging Population – Meryl McCormack
A11 Government Relations Forum
A12 Risk Management – Kathryn Cooley

Reimbursement Resource Book
The Functional Tool Box Vols. I and II
The 33 Ruthless Rules to Advertising
Clinical Therapeutic Applications of the Kinesio Taping Method
Kinesio Taping Perfect Manual
Illustrated Kinesio Taping
Coding and Billing for Therapy Manual
The Valuation of a Physical Therapy Practice
The Acquisition or Sale of a Physical Therapy Practice
Therapy Referral Handbook
Clinical Practice Guidelines
Assessing Competence: A Resource Manual
Private Practice Physical Therapy: The How-To Manual
Private Practice Strategies for Everyday Management

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